Monday, August 22, 2016

Bout of Books Day 1 update and challenge: Books to movie.

Bout of Books

I almost never do challenges in a read-a-thon but I really love them in the Bout of Books read-a-thon. I decided to try to do some of them during the week. So here I am on my birthday  and the first day of this amazing read-a-thon. I read 334 pages today. I finish two books. I read two pages in The dream thieves. This is a book I already read 212 pages from before the read-a-thon, but hope to finish during the week.

milk and honeySex Criminals, Volume 1: One Weird Trick

Books to Movie Challenge

My favorite book to Movie adaptation:

Bilderesultat for fault in our stars book and movie

I love Harry Potter and The hunger games. Both book-series is great movie-series. But I felt the best movie adaptation is Fault in Our stars. I love the movie so much and the book is one of my favorite. I felt the movie was as close to the book as it is possible to achieve. Love both so much.

My absolute least favorite/most hated adaptation ever:

Bilderesultat for twilight book and movie

I loved the Twilight saga book-series when I first read it. I loved the movie of the first book. But when New Moon movie came, it felt like everything went down for the movie series. I hated the Movies so much after that. Still love the books but not the movies. Beside the first one.

Hope everyone is having a great time with reading!

My Birthday haul is coming tomorrow. I feel it's time for bed now. Good night :-)


  1. Happy birthday! *flings cake and confetti everywhere* And omg I looove TFIOS. I nearly cried. NEARLY but not quite fully because I am Vulcan and I knew what was coming so I steeled myself hahaa. *howls* But ohh it was so true to the books and just spectacular!

    Thanks for stopping by @ Paper Fury!

    1. Thank you, Cait :-) I did actually cry when I saw the movie. Ha ha. Yes the movie was epic.