Tuesday, August 23, 2016

My 27 book haul!

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I had my birthday yesterday. 27 years old. Wow time fly past so fast. My 20th birthday feels not too long ago and now I'm here. Seven years later.

I bought some books in advance before my birthday. Since my family always gives me money. I did not have to be psychic to know that the same would happen this year.

Have so far read Sex criminals, a graphic novels and Vinternoveller, Norwegian short stories collection. The last one I borrow from the library and read earlier this year. Loved it so much that I wantet to buy it for my own private library collection. Looking forward to reading Harry Potter and the cursed child. At first I was not quite sure if I should buy it. But the Harry Potter geek in me won over the doubt I had for this book/script. I also bought Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, but forgot to include that in the picture. I already read it and loved it so much.

I got the map from the Harry Potter world!!! Yeah!!! From one of my bestfriends. She is the most amazing person ever. She also bought the Hogwarts classics collection and bracelets from the Harry Potter. I told  her many times that I didn't buy the map when I visit the studios in London two years ago. Because it was so expensive and I wanted Hermione's wand. So I bought that instead. But now I have both!

Bilderesultat for maurauder map harry potter gif

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