Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Movie talk: Fantastic Beast and where to find them ( 2016). SPOILERS!

First let's talk about the main character Newt Scamander ( Eddie Redmayne). I loved him at the first glance, he was absolutely fantastic. Yet another redhead that I've fallen in love with in the J.K Rowling universe. He was so perfect, sweet and hilarious. The way he talked to the animals and cared about them. It was just so touching. He had no social skills when it came to people what so ever, which perhaps was much of the reason he ended up in trouble at times. I felt it was another charming thing about him.

There was much in this movie that made me think back to when I first read Harry Potter and how all this has meant for my childhood and myself as a person. J.K Rowling and Harry Potter is the reason why I love books and writing so much. The Harry Potter theme song in the beginning of the movie was so heartbreaking to hear after all this time. It got me thinking about the last time I heard the music, in the last Harry Potter movie and how I thought it would be the last time then.

There are many characters in this movie that are worth mentioning. Jacob Kowalski is one of them. He is a muggle or no-maj as they called it in America. I love the british way much more, just saying. Jacob is a person that have no idea of what happens around him and about the other world that exists. Before Newt and Jacob end up in the same bank. Jacob is there in hopes of getting a loan for his bakery and Newt following one of his animals, which have escaped from his suitcase. Suddenly Jacob is drawn into a whole new world.

I love Jacob. I feel he is one of those muggle we all would be if someone showed us the magical world for the first time. One of my favorite coments from him was when Newt and Jacob is heading into the suitcase (Yes literally!) and Newt show him the animals. He looks around in wonder and internalises everything he sees before he says: I don't think I'm dreaming. And then Newt is wondering what gave it away? And Jacob answer: I ain't got the brains to make this up. I just laughed so hard together with almost every single person in the cinema. Jacobs fascination and reaction to the magical world, might as well have been my own. I loved him so much as a person who fell for the magic world and I was glad he was not one that hated it or were power-hungry because he wanted to figure out a way he could use it for his own gain. Something else was his infatuation with Queenie Goldstein. She was so sweet, flirtatious and funny. I loves the apartment and how she waved the wand for everything. Like cooking and washing up. It reminded me so much about the one scene in Harry Potter when Harry is visiting Ron's Family for the first time.

Tina Goldstein, the sister of Queenie is a ex-auror we meet in the beginning of the movie. She is trying to get her job back. She lost her work as a auror when she showed her magical powers to a muggle. When she discovers Newt and his special suitcase, she decided to arrest him and bring him back to the magical congress of the United States of America. But then things happens and Jacob, Newt and Tina ends up in her appartment. Where her sister Queenie also live. 

I love Tina, despite her wrong choices and I love her friendship with Newt. She really tries to get back her job and stay true to what she believes in. She takes a few choices that I did not like and that made me irritated, but maybe we all would have done the same in her situation. It was after all, what she was trained to do in a situastion like that. One of my favorite scenes between Tina and Newt was when Newt saved her from death and the farewell scene between them. It was touching. I really hope for the next movie that both Newt and Tina will be in it. Although I felt it was only friendship in this movie, I have a feeling that it was the start of something more than friendship and something that might be more love related in the future. I hope at least so. Since I loved the chemistry between them so much.

I love that we get to know more about the universe we all became familiar with through Harry Potter and it's nice to see adult witches and wizards who know what they do and do not need to be taught. Like in Harry Potter, where they were still in school. Yes I hope to see more of the universe and things we do not know much about, but I don't want more from the Harry Potter characters. I want it to be as it is, the series has a happy ending. Hopefully it will not happen, since this Newts story happens so many decades before. But of course I'm looking forward to Dumbledore, if he should be in the next movie about Newt Scamander . Because it will be a much younger Dumbledore and not the one we encounter in the Harry Potter movies. There is much we still do not know about Dumbledore and his life. I would love to learn more. Perhaps about his Family.

Fantastic Beast and where to find them had a lot of different villains. We saw first Mary Lou Barebone, the woman with the adopted children. The leader of the New Salem Philanthropic Society. Mary Lou is a muggle born who tries to tell the world that magical people live among them. She adopted children with magical backgrounds. One of them is Credence. Through the entire movie I felt so sorry for him. I felt all the people used him somehow, they all deserved what was their fate in the end. Can we really blame him that all his feelings exploded in the end. I was hoping someone would save him. Yes he had done bad things, but he didn't deserve his fate.

Then we have Percival Graved. The one character I felt very insecure about. Should I hate him or love him? I felt the entire time it was something wrong with him but I failed to find out what before the end of the movie. He seems so nice and caring at times, but we soon realized that it was only a game on his part. Because BANG and then he changed to Gellert Grindelward, who was considered one of the most dangerous Dark Wizards of all time. I did not see it coming, though I should have known it. I had heard that Johnny Depp would be in the movie. But somehow that was forgotten when I saw the movie.

I love all the characters, both the heroes and the villains. We need both of them in a story like this. The ending with the thunderbird and the rain was a little bit sad. I felt sorry for Newt and his goodbye with one of his animals friends. Felt so emotional after that scene. Then I realized that Jacob had to return to his old life and they had to say goodbye to him too, it broke my heart even more. The last scene between Newt and Tina, and Jacob and Queenie was perfect as an ending for the movie. It made me love the movie even more.

I felt the magical animals and the search for them was the best part of the entire movie. All the animals had their own personality and charm. My favorite was with out the doubt the Thunderbird, and Nifflers. Specially the one in this movie.

This movie gets 5 stars 😚

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