Friday, December 30, 2016

Bout of books read-a-thon round 18.

Bout of Books

Bout of books is one of my favorite read-a-thon's and one of the first I attended. I decided to participate in Bout of books read-a-thon in january next year, from Monday 2th of January to Sunday 8th of January. A great way to start the reading year 2017.  I will update on twitter and maybe do some of the challenges they have each day on my blog. Some of them seem very fun to do. I have to see what I'm getting time for beside the reading. I feel the reading is the most important thing in a read-a-thon.

What to read?

I'm planning on re-reading Harry Potter and chamber of secrets by J.K Rowling. I got the illustrated version from my mom for Christmas this year. Another J.K Rowling book I should read soon is Harry Potter and the cursed child. I bought it this year, but haven't read it yet. The last book I'm planning on reading during this week is A study in Charlotte by Brittany Cavallaro. Has already started the book, but hope to finish it this week. I decided not to have such high ambitions on the reading list this time. But if I have time to read more, I have a whole bookcase to choose from.


  1. I'm excited about Bout of Books 18. Best of luck to us both on meeting our reading goals. Let me know if I can help you with anything along the way.
    Happy page turning and happy New Year!
    Oh, and if you come across a 2017 debut author, please let me know! - J

  2. Happy new year to you too 😀 And good luck with your reading 🖒

  3. Yay! Another Harry Potter fan. I refuse to read Curse Child, though. I know what the plot is and it makes me too mad to read it, especially since Rowling didn't actually write it. If I ever get the chance, I'll still watch the play. I'm really weird like that. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and I hope you have a great bout of books week.

    1. I love it so far and think it's amazing they made a play. Yes it would be much better to see the play than reading it but I live in Norway so I'm pretty sure it will never happen for me. Thanks. Have a great week you too 😀