Sunday, January 22, 2017

First lines first thoughts #1.

Hello! Welcome to First lines first thoughts. This meme I found on Anna's blog: Reader and proud. Where you share the first lines
from a book and the thoughts about it. Happy reading everyone!

"Kelsea Glynn sat very still, watching the troop approach her homestead. The men rode as a military company, with outliers on the covers, all dressed in the grey of the Tearling royal guards."

I LOVE the cover and the story seems so interesting. I can't understand why I haven't read it sooner. So far I'm only on page 8. Not that far into the story.  But I really hope to love it. This book have been on my bookshelf for too long. It deserve to be read.

I love the first line. It give you an idea of who the main character is but not too much. Is she important because of her royal blod or are they there to arrest her? 

Read the queen of tearling? Did you love it or hate it? What are you currently reading? 😀 


  1. This made me so happy! Thank you for joining in :)
    I have yet to read this book but from what I know, that first line is actually very fitting and sets the tone perfectly. It's definetely intriguing. As you say, it gives you an idea of everything but still, it doesn't say much.
    Btw, the writing seems fantastic! I hope you enjoy the book and, again, thank you for doing this meme ;)

    1. Thank you for making this meme. Yes so far the writing is amazing :-)