Wednesday, January 25, 2017

#SHreads17 tag.

I have always admired Sherlock Holmes, I love everything about him and specially his friendship with Watson.  #SHrads17 tag is created by Winx & Ink on youtube.

1. Sherlock - Who is your favorite Sherlock-inspired character or actor who played Sherlock in a film adaptation? 

My favorite Sherlock-inspired character have to be Thomas from Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalo. He reminds me so much about Sherlock. Not sure if the author though about him while she created Thomas.  But Sherlock is the one I think about while reading about Thomas.

I love Robert Downey Jr. in the movies about Sherlock Holmes. But lately I have been fan of the BBC series Sherlock. I love Benedict Cumberbatch so much and his version of the character Sherlock is amazing. He is my absolute favorite now.

2. Watson - Everyone needs a sidekick! Who is yours, or what is your favorite friendship in a book? 

My sidekick I feel is one of my best friends. If I needed a sidekick, I feel she would be there right away. And we would have so much fun!

My favorite friendship is Will and Jem from The infernal devices by Cassandra Clare.  I love them both so much and their friendship was fantastic and heartbreaking at times.

3. Mrs. Hudson - What an under-appreciated character! What book or book character do you think deserves more love than they get? 

When it comes to all the books I read I feel Timekeeper by Alexandra Monir should have gotten more love. I love that book so much and hope to read it soon again.

Jules from Revenants by Amy Plum deserves more love then he gets. I remember reading this series back in 2012 or 2013. I love the series but my biggest issues with the story was Jules. He was not the main character or the guy she fell in love with. I love him so much and wish it was more of him in the books.  He deserves so much love.

4. Lestrade - He may be a friend, but it’s no question that Sherlock finds him irritating. What book character do you find super annoying? 

William Herondale. I love him but I find him so annoying at times. 

5. Mycroft - Sherlock’s brother is a legend, a genius, and a lover of tasty noms. What’s your favorite snack to have while reading? 

Potato chips. I love chips, one of my favorite things to eat as a snack.

6. Moriarty - The only villain who could match the great detective’s mind! Talk about scary! Who is the worst/scariest villain you’ve met in a book? 

I read about many villains. But Voldemort is the scariest villain ever for me. Specially because he was the villain in my childhood and I never forget him.

7. Pipe - Sometimes we all need something to relax us and help us think. For Sherlock, this was often a bit of quiet time with a pipe (or three). What is your go-to self-care method?

Tea or a bath, or both. I need both those things in my life.

8. Violin - Despite his highly scientific and analytical ways, Sherlock was also a very talented violinist! What are your favorite ways to be artistic and creative? 

I love writing stories. Storytelling have fascinated me since I was a kid. Perhaps the reason why I love books so much.

9. Magnifying Glass - Holmes looked for the tiny details to solve a case. What’s a quote or line from a book that you find to be especially powerful/insightful?

10. Baker Street Irregulars - Sherlock would out his crew of "Irregulars" to gather information for him. Who will you send out to do this tag??

To all the Sherlock Holmes fans out there! 

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