Thursday, February 2, 2017

January wrap up!

The first month of 2017 started amazing. I read 5 books and 130 pages in book six. In 2016 I felt like being in a reading slump the entire year.  I read so slow. Some months I only read two or three books. Nothing wrong with that. But not what I usually read in a month.  So I'm glad to be back to my normal reading.  I really hope this year continue that way.  My goodreads reading challenge is to read 100 books. Perhaps a little too optimistic. But a girl can hope!

I read four of my TBR books. So I'm really happy with that.

My favorite book this month was Stalking Jack the Ripper. I love it so much. I did a book review on it. My first review of 2017. Hope to do better this year and review more of the books I read.

Read anything interesting in 2017 so far?

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