Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tome topple readathon round 3 from April 7th- April 20th.

Tome topple readathon is created my Samantha at @thoughtsontomes on twitter. 

This is a readathon for big books. All the books you read must be over 500 pages. They can not be bindups, unless they are graphic novels.  


Read more than 1 tome. 
Read a graphic novel. 
Read a tome that is part of a series.
Buddy read a tome.
Read an adult novel. 

I have decided to read All the light we cannot see by Anthony Doerr, Cress by Marissa Meyer and Lady Midnight by Cassandra Clare.  

~ Elin ~


  1. Wow -- good for you for tackling three books! I loved the whole Lunar Chronicles series, and I read ATLWCS last summer and was blown away. Hope you enjoy them all!

    1. I hope to read all of them. But not sure if I will finish them in time for this read-a-thon ;-)