Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Book haul May!

I haven't bought many books so far in 2017. My goal is to read the books I already have on my bookshelf. Have about 60 books on my TBR list.

I bought 5 books this month. 2 books and 3 e-books on my kindle.

Last month I came across free shipping worldwide at Society6 for a short period of time. Paperfury which is one of my favorite book bloggers, has her own shop there. I have long wanted to buy something from her shop,  to support her. But haven't done it because of the shipping I have to pay. Finally, I got the opportunity to buy a  Cary-all pouch. It's very good quality, which surprised me. Have previously bought something similar from Redbubble, but much better quality from Society6 is my experience with it.

Official Title Book Dragon Carry-All Pouch

I love "My official title is book dragon" and the art work is so beautiful made. I love the dragon and the flowers.

Have you bought any books lately? Please share below.

~ Elin ~

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