Sunday, June 4, 2017

Books and second chances.

I feel this year is filled with second chances when it comes to books. I'm currently listen to Shadow and bone by Leigh Bardugo on audiobook. Almost finish with it. When I bought the book maybe two-three years ago. I try to read it but DNF it after less than 50 pages. I never thought it would be a story I would love. But I really do. Some part of  the story reminded me about other fantasy books I read. In a good way.

♡ A girl with magical hidden power.
♡ A really sweet and amazing bestfriend.
♡ Hot and dark badboy. And I don't feel bad for being little bit in love with him. Since he is over 120 + years old, and not ten years younger than me. Wish most characters I read about in fantasy series is. 
♡ An unique magical fantasy world.

Daughter of smoke and bone by Laini Taylor is another book I decided to give a second chance. Specially because so many people is loving it. I try to read it two years ago and I had a hard time with her writing style. Yes I still find her writing a bit too much. But I love the story and I'm interested to find out more about the main character.

Do you believe in second chances?

~ Elin ~

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