Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Get to know me tag.

I've seen this on different blogs and on YouTube.  So I decided to do this on my blog too and share some facts about me. Hope you like it :-)

1. My name? 

Elin. No middle name.

2. Do I have any nick name?

When I was younger my older sister used to call me many different things. But for the most part she used the word: "lillesøs". Which is "little- sis" in english. 

3. How many siblings do I have?

One older sister. She is five years older than me. 

4. Where was I born and raised?

I was born and raised in a small town on the countryside in east of Norway , with my parents, my older sister, and my bestfriend, a golden retriever. My grandparents was living next door and in so many ways they raise me as much as my parents did. I can still smell my grandmothers cooking and her amazing cakes. She made the best cakes ever. The weirdest thing is that I can't tolerate sugar today because of my migraine. But if I could have one wish come true, it would be to teast my grandmothers chokolade cake one more time.

5. My favorite colours? 

In my childhood I loved pink like any other little girl. Everytime someone ask me about it, I would say: Pink or Red. Today one of my favorite colours is still red, I also like sunset orange ( yes like Peeta) and blue like in a cloudless sky on a sunny day. 

6. My favorite things to do as a child?

I loved being alone i my room. Playing with my aninal figures or my pony toys. And before you think she was that kid without any friends. No you where wrong. I got my first friends in kindergarden, when I was three and I had more friends in school. I was never alone. I just liked to be alone. Two different things. Don't get me wrong I loved my friends and I was happy for having them in my life. I still feel the same about my friends today, even though my friends I had back than isn't the friends I have today. Friends is like a second family too me. I love them more than anything in the world and love spending time with them. But sometimes I like being left alone, reading a book, watching my favorite tv shows or going to the cinema alone. I always needed my alone-time, and it all started on my bedroom back home when I was a kid.

7. When did I read my first book?
All I can remember from my early years is always caring a book around. One of the first books I remember reading all by myself is Harry Potter, when I was around elleven. So 16-17 years ago. But I know I started reading a long time before that. My mum and my older sister read for me before bedtime. I loved Famous five, Pippi Longstocking, Paddington, Emil of Lonneberga,  and so many other things. When I become old enough ( around six or seven) I started learning reading myself because my mum and sister didn't read fast enough anymore. Ha ha. 

8.  How many countries have I visit?

For a really long time my answer for this was only Sweden, which isn't that big of a deal if you live in Norway. I was in my early twenties before I visit any other countries (beside Sweden and Denmark), where I actually have to traveling on a plane and having a passport. I've been to France ( my first time on a plane), England, Spain and Denmark. Only visit France, Spain and England once. While I've been to Denmark twice. 

My parents have never been on a plane in their entire life. I grow up with going on road trip in the mountains in Norway. So I not very comfortable with flying, but I love England and hope to visit the place someday again. Sadly after all the terrorism in Europa lately, I'm afraid of flying or traveling to another country. But one day I hope to visit England again. 

9. Cats or dogs? 

I love dogs and hope to one day buy a golden retriever puppy.  I... hate cats. Sorry. Yeah I do. All my friends are cat lover, but I dislike cats so much. Ha ha. Pretty sure I was a dog in my past life. That's how much I hate cats. Now you know. 

10. Tea or Coffee? 

Tea. I love tea, specially tea from twinings. 

11. My favorite movie?

It's really hard to choose only one movie. I love sooo many of them.  Guardians of the galaxy, Titanic, The martian, Letters to Juliet, The forbidden kingdom, Juno, The battle of red cliff, Need for speed, warm bodies, Avatar, Beauty and the beast,  Jack the giant slayer and all the Harry Potter movies. I also a big fan of animated movies: Mulan, Lion King, Frozen, Pocahontas, Tangled, Storks, Home and so many more. 

12. My favorite book?

Harry Potter is my favorite series but it's seven books. I can't choose only one. I CAN'T CHOOSE BETWEEN THEM!!!! Please don't ask me to choose between them. My precious books. The love of my life. Sigh! 

13. My favorite tv-series?

I love tv-series. I've seen a lot of them through the years. Right now my favorites are the ones you can find one Netflix. I LOVE NETFLIX. I also love old ones, which I have on dvd. Lately I've been watching Bones, Sleppy Hollow and Chuck. I have all the seasons of Chuck on dvd and is now on season 2. 

14. Do I speak many languages?

I speak Norwegian, since that the language in my country. I also learn english in school. I'm not perfect in speaking english but I feel people understand me ( at least I hope so!). I can't speak any other languages but I can some words in German. Ich liebe dich - I love you. 

15. One thing I want to do before I die?

Traveling around in England for a year, visit the great wall of China and safari in Australia.  

Okay I know this was three things.  But I can't choose between them. All of them is on top of my bucket list. 

16. My male celebrity crush? 

Dan Stevens

17. What is my favorite food?

Lasagne or quesadilla.

18. Favorite drink?

Water. I love water. It's both healthy and good.

19. My favorite song for the moment?

I believe in you by Michael Buble.

20. What is the first thing I notice about someone I like?

Eyes. He need to have kind eyes.

21. If I where another person, would I be friends with myself? 

Yes. We would probably talk about books and british male actors we had a crush on.

~ Elin ~

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